About Us

Our mission:


Construct a bridge between the digital and physical worlds.


Your favorite online digital collectible no longer stays in a virtual world. Or stashed away in your crypto wallet on your phone.


Why leave so much potential in your phone? On a screen a few inches big?

It’s art. Show off the creator’s imagination. Show off the owner’s taste.


Release that emotion deep down inside of you that words cannot express. That made you want to own it.


Don’t hide it. Let the world see it on a canvas. A Crypto Canvas.


That cryptocurrency you've held onto through the lowest lows and the highest highs. It deserves to be put on a canvas.


ERC-721 tokens can be displayed to their full glory on a Crypto Canvas.


Punks, Kitties, Autoglyphs, you name it. Your favorite NFT - cloned itself and jumped off the blockchain and landed in your home. 


Artists can display their portfolios, collectors show off their collections, and the entire interior design plan of your home can be stored on the blockchain if you want.


A decentralized, trust-less system that relies on no “central authority” to prove a creation is genuine. The days of sending off your collector’s item to an “expert” to receive a Certificate of Authenticity are over. The authenticity and ownership of an asset has never been so secure.


You can also order a replica Honus Wagner baseball card for $7 on Amazon… it probably looks the same as the $3 Million dollar original.


“Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” – Jay-Z


Blockchain = Numbers. You don’t have to trust anyone. If you have the keys to that wallet address, then you own whatever NFTs are assigned to it. Nobody can dispute that.


The new era of Digital Art is just getting started.

Early adopters will be admired. Ownership rewarded.