Why are NFTs Valuable? Mona Lisa Explains.

Picture this.


You get a call from an old friend. You haven’t spoken to her in years and she wants to catch up, “ASAP”. Pleasantly surprised, you accept her offer. You meet at her house for dinner. When you arrive, she greets you at the front door, thrilled to see you.


She escorts you through the house, leading you to her kitchen table to settle in. While making yourself at home, you can’t help but notice – a random, out-of-place portrait of Mona Lisa hanging above the fireplace. Surely it can’t be THE Mona Lisa, this one must’ve been ordered off of Amazon. Pretty ugly to be honest.


Returning from the kitchen with food, your friend notices your confused stare towards the artwork. “Oh yeah, that is kinda why I invited you over tonight,” she says nervously.


You are puzzled.


She goes on to confess that she has been secretly, romantically involved with the head security guard of the Louvre Museum for some time now. He told her the authentic version of the Mona Lisa portrait has been stored in a vault, stashed away, deep below the museum. Hidden there since World War II.


He explains how the most talented artist in all of Europe was hired and sworn to secrecy to create a duplicate. The duplicate has been displayed in the museum for the visitors ever since!


She proceeds to explain that her unnamed lover has worked there for years and built up quite the reputation. A dependable reputation, granting him access to the most secure areas of the museum – including the vault.


Overworked and underpaid, he was frustrated his years of loyalty were not appreciated. One night, a golden opportunity struck. Short-staffed, he found himself with unaccompanied access to the vault during his routine check. He secured the authentic piece, smuggling it out following his shift. Undetected.


A few days later a high-end duplicate, acquired on the black market, was inserted into the vault to pose as the original.


He suspects that it will be some time until anybody realizes it is missing – if they do, the guards report to him. He will be able to talk them out of it. The government won’t be able to make a public announcement about it, anyway. This would mean they admit that the duplicate displayed to the public is indeed, a duplicate.


If the theft does come to light, he explained, they will undoubtedly search his place, and the place of everyone associated with him, top-to-bottom looking for the priceless creation. He had to get rid of it and store it in a safe, unsuspected place.


Nobody knew about their secret relationship, but he trusted her. Nobody would ever expect the real Mona Lisa to hang above a fire place in a working-class home. Hidden in plain sight.


You are at a loss for words. You have come to the conclusion that your friend is certifiably insane and likely has watched far too many Nicholas Cage movies. You debate just standing up, gathering your things, and running out of her house immediately.


She is looking to you for some sort of advice on what to do.


It appears she genuinely thinks this is all true. Her security guard lover could easily be playing a prank on her. Or maybe he is testing her loyalty. He’s probably using this as an excuse for “not being able to see each other again.”


You have to make a decision. Who do you trust? Do you trust your old friend is telling the truth? Surely the top security guard is lying, right? What if the Mona Lisa really has been a duplicate this whole time? Could it have been destroyed long ago anyway, and there was a huge cover-up? Maybe there is no original at all? Would we really know?


All of these questions and conspiracies are running wild in your head.


Maybe you consult an art expert to confirm the portrait hanging up in the museum is indeed the real Mona Lisa. But wait, what if the most respected art expert alive today had ever actually seen the REAL Mona Lisa, only the duplicate displayed for the public.


She is staring at you. Desperate. Craving a response.


Advice. Encouragement. Something!


Your old friend is depending on you for guidance. You can’t mess this up.

Leveraging all of the wisdom obtained throughout your life…


You take a deep breath. Lean forward. Look her square in her eyes. And whisper:


“This would never happen with an NFT.”

"Plus you could put that in a super cool Crypto Canvas. Just saying."

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